MacLeod Information Services specialises in creating, maintaining your information. With years of experience researching, organising, writing and translating, MIS can help with your information needs.


Types of writing:

  • Website editing and content creation
  • Wiki creation, content and maintenance (sample)
  • Blog creation, content and maintenance (sample blog)
  • Writing in visual communications media (samples)
  • Newsletter creation, research, writing and publication
  • Journal articles
  • Book and website reviews
  • Technical and computer documentation
  • Adult education and instructions
  • Proofreading


  • English to French
  • French to English
  • Written translation and oral interpretation
  • Computer interfaces, procedures and documentation
  • Corporate communication, procedures, correspondence, promotional material, etc., in a variety of fields, including health, library, IT and retail
  • Websites, CD liner notes, flyers and other promotional material