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Digitization for Conservators (2016)

A guest lecture for the Preservation of Books, Photos and Archival Material’s course (SCIE0047) in Fleming College’s Cultural Heritage Conservation and Management program, (session instructor Laura Cunningham).

Download the slides for this lecture.

Suggested readings

Overview of the digitization process

The Digital Public Library of America (DPLA) has published one of the best quick overviews of how to set up a digitization programme that I have seen.

Thinking about how to save your information and documents for the long term is a good way to start thinking about digital preservation in general.

About images (less technical)

Canadian copyright

  • Murray, L.J. and S.E. Trusow. Canadian copyright : a citizen’s guide (2nd ed.). Toronto : Between the Lines, c2013. 304 p. ISBN 9781771130134
  • Using examples, case studies and very accessible language, this book explains Canadian copyright law to ordinary Canadians and how Canadian copyright law and policy affects them. The second edition is revised to include the recent changes to the Act and important Supreme Court decisions on user rights. Very easy to read. Includes specific cases (for example, libraries, archives and museums). HIGHLY RECOMMENDED.

Digitization (general)

Digital preservation (a very complex topic)

Digitization standards (so you can see a sample of what they look like)